What is the Worst Time to Visit Mexico?

Worst Time to Visit Mexico

Summer Season is the worst time to visit Mexico due to the high temperatures and humidity. Usually, in summer, the temperature in Mexico falls between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity during summer in coastal areas can be brutal.

Moreover, hurricanes mostly hit Mexico during Summer time. 

Summertime is not the worst time to visit Mexico for those who don’t care about little heat. They get the benefit of enjoying sunny beaches along with live festivals. 

How summer season is the worst time to visit Mexico?

The reason behind it is the heat and humidity. The summer weather can make you uncomfortable if you stay long. 

During this season, most of the businesses temporarily shut down, which can limit your activities. In addition, tourist places become expensive and overcrowded because of summer vacation schools. 

You should travel to Mexico when there are many activities options with pleasant weather. 

Rainy Season in Mexico

From May to October, Mexico experiences heavy rainfalls and floods. The rainy season in Mexico can cause disruption for tourists and, in some cases, can be dangerous.

rainy season is worst time to visit Mexico

During the heavy rainfalls in Mexico, most tourist attractions, beaches, and historical places remain closed. This season can also be the worst time to visit Mexico for those who are not rain lovers.

On the other side, the rain in Mexico boosts the landscape’s freshness and replenishes the water supplies. The rainy season makes nature and wildlife more active. Many enjoy the rainy season most through outdoor activities and indulging in Mexico’s natural beauty. 

Hurricane Season in Mexico

From June to November, tropical storms in Mexico are most likely due to high humidity and warm seawater. The location of Mexico’s attractions on the Gulf of Mexico and the North Atlantic Ocean makes it more vulnerable to hurricanes.

Hurricane season is worst time to visit Mexico

All you need to do is check the weather reports before visiting Mexico to minimize the potential risks.

Tips to Stay Safe in Mexico

Tap Water

The visitors should refrain from drinking tap water. Yeah! It can ruin your trip to Mexico. It might be possible that harmful bacteria in the tap water make your stomach upset. Think that other people are having fun, and you feel pathetic for staying in a dull hotel room. So stay away from tap water in Mexico. 

Stay Alert

The crime rate in Mexico is high, which is the most significant danger.

According to the Crime Index by Country 2023 report, Mexico is in the 40th position with a 54.4 crime index. Be alert to avoid pickpockets while commuting, especially at night and in the crowd.

Mexican Street Dogs

Mexican street dogs may carry rabies disease with them. So, I recommend not making any contact with them for your safety. 

You can have a wonderful and fun Mexico trip with these simple tips.

Budget-Friendly Time to Visit Mexico

The low season from December to April, is the less expensive time to visit Mexico. Fewer rainfalls, crowds, and no price hikes make you more comfortable with your budget. 

However, as the hurricane season is from June to November, stay aware of the weather forecast to be safe. 

January is observed as the cheapest month to visit Mexico. The accommodation, food, and flight prices become lower due to fewer visitors. 

You can get a hotel room for a night with an average rate of around $80 in January. The average rate increases gradually for the next months and reaches $124 in December, making it the most expensive time to visit Mexico.

Places in Mexico to Visit

Mexico Beaches

The best time to visit Mexico’s beaches is from December to February. This is because of regular hot water and fewer visitors to the shores of Mexico. You can enjoy the clear and sunny sky along with stable weather conditions. 

Mexico Beach

The dangerous season for Mexico beaches is June to November because of the high chances of wind storms or hurricanes. 

If you need help finding the best beach to visit in Mexico, let me help you with this! 

On Mayan Riviera, there is a beach called Playa del Carmen. It is the finest beach in Mexico, having soft white sand and crystal blue water. 

You can take sunbathe, go swimming, and snorkeling to experience the underwater world. 

Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is a famous destination for visitors due to its stunning beaches, Mayan archaeological sites, and resorts. This southeastern coast of Mexico includes Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum. 

Riviera Maya

The best time to visit Riviera Maya is from December to April due to less rain in this tropical destination. The worst time to visit Mexico‘s Riviera Maya is the monsoon season due to flooding and rainfall. 

Mexico Christmas

Mexico celebrates Christmas with attractive decorations, activities, and traditional foods. This makes this time the best for tourists to enjoy Christmas with their families.   

Mexico Christmas

Mexico Independence Day

Mexico perform celebrations of independence day on 16 September. This month is exceptional for Mexico, and they call this holiday “El Grato.” ” The Mexicans appreciate the efforts of Father Miguel Hidalgo for independence on this day.

Mexico Independence Day

The cities become packed crowds along with patriotic celebrations and decorations this month. It can be the worst time to visit Mexico if you don’tdon’t enjoy crowds. 


I’mI’m sure after getting all the information about the seasons and activities, you have chosen the right slot to avoid the worst time to visit Mexico. Let me help you with this! 

The worst time to visit Mexico is the Summertime, mainly from June to October. These are the months when Mexico gets extreme rainfall along with hurricanes. 

Moreover, business activities get limited in this unpredictable rainy season. In this case, you will get only a few options for shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

If you plan to go in the rainy season, check the forecasts and get equipped with an umbrella, rain shoes, and a raincoat.

What is the worst time of year to visit Mexico?

The worst time to visit Mexico is generally during the hurricane season, which spans from June to November. This period brings a higher risk of tropical storms and hurricanes, particularly along the coasts.

Why is the hurricane season considered a bad time to visit Mexico?

During the hurricane season, Mexico is susceptible to heavy rainfall, strong winds, and potential flooding in coastal areas. These weather conditions can disrupt travel plans and pose safety risks.