5 Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Best things to do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Costa Rica is a stunning coastal beauty. One thing you will love about this place is plenty of activities, including surfing, biking, wildlife spots, yoga, and many more. To cut a long story short, Santa Teresa has something for everyone. 

Santa Teresa is a beautiful holiday destination, rich with resorts, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. The town is around 4km long road, surrounded by stunning green hills full of attractive wildlife like Iguanas and monkeys. 

This article will explore the best things to do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, from its beautiful beaches and thrilling surfing spots to its vibrant nightlife and mouthwatering cuisine. 

5 Best Things to Do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

We are going to prioritize the best things to do in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, for what they are famous for:

1. Santa Teresa Beaches

One of the highlights of Santa Teresa is its attractive and calm beaches. With miles of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, these beaches are a haven for sun and beach lovers. 

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Beaches

Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, Manzanilla, Playa Hermosa, and Manzanilla are some of the must-visit beaches in the area. The water temperature is perfect for swimming but can be difficult due to rough waves. These waves lead to ideal conditions for surfing.

Whether you want to soak up the sun, take a stroll, or try your hand at water sports, the beaches of Santa Teresa have it all. Moreover, during sunset time, local people sell coconuts, refreshing drinks, or snacks.

Let’s know more about Santa Teresa beaches.

Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa is renowned in the town as the top beach destination. 

Playa Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Its main attraction lies in its stunning expanse of white sand, particularly ideal for sunbathing during low tide. The jungle in the backdrop of the beach lets you feel a natural world away from the rush of life.

Playa Hermosa

What Playa Hermosa actually means? ‘a beautiful beach’. 

Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa Costa Rica

The wideness, attractive sand, and friendly surrounding along palm trees are witness to its meaning. It reminds you of paradise. If you are a surf beginner, this developing place is for you!

Playa Carmen

Playa Carmen Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Playa Carmen is one of the more stunning and less busy beaches of Santa Teresa that connects to Mal Pais. There is a need to be careful while dipping because of the enormous rocks in seawater. However, Playa Carmen provides a unique experience.

Manzanillo Beach

Manzanillo Beach Santa  Teresa Costa Rica

A little outside Santa Teresa, but it will satisfy you in any case. The route parallel to the coast is epic going towards the beach. 

This beach is less crowded than others and only 8 kilometers from Santa Teresa.

2. Santa Teresa Town

Santa Teresa town is a street! Yeah, you got this right. It’s a 4-kilometer-long street with many mouth-watering restaurants, co-working spots, ice cream cafes, garment shops, eco stores, and yoga studios. 

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Town

If you want to conquer the dusty and rugged roads of Santa Teresa, bike rental is the best option. The one thing that really can excite you is the buzz of ATVs and motorbikes loaded with colorful surfboards. 

Atv rentals in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, can put a load on your pocket as there are very expensive, and the gas station is away from Santa Teresa. 

Only the best option is to rent electric bikes for your adventures. Have you tried electric wooden bikes that relate to you with the surroundings being eco-friendly? 

3. Horse Riding

Imagine the feeling when you ride a horse along the wide deserted beaches of Santa Teresa Costa Rica. Well, I felt like I was conquering the sea, which excite you like never before. 

Horse Riding Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Many horse-riding companies care about all your need for a beautiful ride. They even select the horse about your weight and height for your best experience. 

Horse Riding is very famous in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, and you will not regret doing it. 

4. Surfing in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is super famous for surfing. Resisting surfing in Santa Teresa Costa Rica weather is challenging because the whole town shows surfing activities. 

Surfing in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

On beaches, you can see people taking surfing lessons or showing their expert skills. 

In the town, you can witness the shops that sell surfing equipment like surfboards, fins, surf wax, and many more. Moreover, you will get a surfing vibe on the roads while seeing vehicles loaded with stylish colorful surfboards.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica, has all types of surfing spots for beginner or advanced surfers with low and high current waves. 

You can take surfing lessons at Playa Hermosa with beginner or progressive waves at Playa Carmen. In short, you will get all surf opportunities in Playa Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

5. Biking in Santa Teresa

You can plan a bike trip within Santa Teresa and its surroundings to enjoy the scenery of beautiful beaches and rainforest.

Biking in Santa Teresa Costa Rica

You can try ebike rentals or buy a suitable one if you’re a bike lover from Nampibikes. They provide wooden electric bikes for a top-notch nature experience, not just traditional ebikes. 

Their team will help you to select the best bike according to your personality and use. 

How to get to Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Costa Rica airport? There is no airport here. The best way to reach Santa Teresa by plane is Tambor airport which is 1 hour away from Santa Teresa by road. But you need to book your flight to San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. 

You can take a 25’ plane flight to Tambor Airport. Sounds exciting! Santa Teresa Costa Rica map can help you to get a better estimate. 

Santa Teresa Costa Rica Hotels

To get the best experience, select the best hotels in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.

1. Latitude 10 Resort: Latitude 10 Resort offers a luxurious and secluded retreat in Santa Teresa. The intimate resort features exquisite open-air casitas with private plunge pools, providing a perfect blend of modern comfort and natural beauty. 

2. Florblanca Resort: Florblanca Resort offers an idyllic escape for travelers seeking tranquility and adventure. The resort boasts elegant villas adorned with local artwork, private terraces, and refreshing outdoor showers.

3. Casa Marbella: With its stunning ocean views and serene setting, Casa Marbella is a boutique hotel that embodies the essence of Santa Teresa’s laid-back charm. The hotel features stylish rooms and suites, each uniquely designed with a fusion of contemporary and rustic elements. 


To enjoy the trip to Santa Teresa Costa Rica, you can try surfing, biking, and horse riding. These activities encourage you to get out of the adventurous spirit. 

Ultimately, you will feel like you have added value to your life with memorable and undescribed word moments. So pack your bags and enjoy the natural energy in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

What are some of the best things to do in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica?

Santa Teresa offers a diverse range of activities including surfing, yoga retreats, exploring pristine beaches, hiking to waterfalls, and enjoying the vibrant local culture.

Can you suggest some beautiful beaches to visit in Santa Teresa?

Definitely! Santa Teresa boasts stunning beaches such as Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Carmen, and Playa Hermosa. Each offers its own unique charm, from white sands to excellent waves.