Is Legit? (Be Careful)

Is Legit

If you’ve not used before, a question will hit your mind after seeing big discounts “Is legit?“. 

I am here to answer all your questions. Is safe? Is it the best option for bookings? Why is cheaper? In this article, I will thoroughly review to end your confusion and provide beneficial tips to save money while bookings through it.

Without wasting any time, let’s start immediately.

Is Legit?

Let’s answer your first query: Is legit? Yes, is legit because Trip Group owns it, which is the foremost online travel company globally. It is totally safe like other online travel booking websites like Travelocity, Expedia, Super Travel, etc. 

Is Legit?

CTrip became the parent company of in 2017, which is one of the leading travel booking companies in China. While using CTrip for flight booking, you’ll notice that English Speakers are directed to automatically. 

However, I am not saying that the group is risk-free. It carries more risks than direct bookings, as acts as a middleman between the actual service and the customer. 

On the other hand, it might be possible that you face problems even booking directly, but the chances of risks are low as compared to the trip com group. 

Why can be a problem for you?

Most problems occur while using because of its involvement as a third party. Let me tell you how! 

Primarily, acts as a middleman between the customer (traveler) and the airline, train, bus, hotel, or other travel services they offer. As an intermediary service, takes payment from you and books the specific travel service according to your given information. 

middle man Is legit

You probably have noticed that your contract happens with, not directly to the travel services you booked for. Consequently, your booked airplane, train, bus, or hotel is not responsible if something goes wrong. It will be useless to expect any kind of direct help from them. 

You have to contact if you face any problem with the travel service or your booking information. Following the process, they will contact their travel partner to find the solution on your behalf.

Here are the two major issues with

1. Lack of Customer Support is one of many online travel companies which need more customer support. Generally, online travel companies compromise on customer support to reduce their expense. That’s why and other online travel agencies offer cheap rates to travelers than direct bookings. 

For that reason, it might be possible that you remain stuck in the middle of and Host until the issue resolves. The process of problem resolving becomes very lengthy when you book through the greatest Here is the procedure:

  1. You face an issue with your travel booking.
  2. You may contact the host.
  3. They will tell you to contact Trip com.
  4. You try to contact customer service.
  5. After getting all information, they contact your booking host.
  6. The booking host tries to resolve or do nothing.
  7. customer service replies to you with their answer.

The whole situation of waiting and being helpless becomes very irritating and frustrating. Although, may resolve your problem. However, you will experience more trouble if they would not resolve your issue. is on its way to improving its customer support but dealing with overseas is still challenging for them, causing serious communication problems.

2. Difficult to Alter or Cancel your Bookings

When you book through, making changes and cancellations, especially flight reservations, becomes difficult as you’re not dealing directly. 

Apart from that, you can easily cancel and change other services; flight reservation is a challenging task. 

It becomes impossible to change or cancel air flights that are booked with the help of the group. Moreover, making changes and cancellations are very challenging while booking directly from the airline portal. 

The thing is that booking through may result in more complications as an intermediatory service is involved. In case of mishaps, the airline will only inform you to communicate through without facilitating you with direct assistance. 

And the greatest will blame the airline, abandoning you in a situation where you will be completely helpless. 

However, you can conveniently resolve issues and make alterations and cancellations if you have made bookings directly from travel providers. Furthermore, travel providers always prefer direct customers over others who book from online travel agencies. 

Is Legit

Because they get more profit with direct sales due to no extra fees that charges. Moreover, for travel service providers, managing the direct customer is easier than booking via online travel agencies, etc. Like, it is possible that booked hotels may not get the booking confirmation details from, which may cause overbooking of the same suite.

This awkward situation can make you feel helpless in a strange place with no room availability, sometimes more embarrassing if you are with a special person. Conversely, direct bookings are risk-free regarding missing booking confirmation, as no middleman is involved. 

Hence, works fine until anything goes wrong.

Benefits of has good things. It offers potential benefits that can make you ignore its issues.

1. Super Cheap Prices attracts its customers with lower prices than direct bookings and other online travel agencies. You will not be charged any hidden fees while using 

2. Trip Coins

The greatest rewards you with trip coins when booking with it. You can utilize these trip coins for your future bookings, which can add a 5% more discount; sounds exciting.

3. Customer Service Chat

It is extremely convenient to open a customer chat to ask for help from a customer support agent. Like other websites, you don’t have to find a chat option in hidden sub-menus. Customer Service Experience Story 

One of my friends from Shanghai, China, living in New York, United States, searched online to book a ticket. He found, offering a 25% cheaper rate than direct airline booking. After watching the 25% discount, he booked the flight from New York to Shanghai immediately after giving all the credentials.

After purchasing the ticket, he realized he needed two tickets, one for him and one for his wife. He thought it was not a big issue and followed the same way to book the ticket as he had done before. But, the booking menu of showed that all tickets for this flight were sold. 

He approached the chat support of and told his story to the agent on the other side. The agent sends him the link so that he can try again to book a ticket. It was the same link he used before. Anyhow, he again tried to book and purchased the flight ticket.

Wait, here is the twist. When he checked the departure time of both flights he books for, they were not matching. His wife’s flight departure time was 12 hours late for him. So, he again opened the chat support and asked the agent to change the departure time of any flight and make them the same or cancel both tickets. 

After the lengthy conservation, the agent said he couldn’t change or cancel the flight bookings according to their booking policy. My friend asked him to speak with the agent’s supervisor, but he also answered the same.

Ultimately, my friend and his wife travelled on different flights; sounds funny! This story will help you to understand: Is legit? Reviews vs Other Travel Companies reviews on Trustpilot (a platform that reviews companies) are better than other online travel booking websites like Priceline, Travelocity, Agoda,, etc. reviews help you answer your question: Is Legit? Reviews Is Legit

In all honesty, most other travel booking websites perform poorly compared to, which holds a relatively favourable position. However, it should be acknowledged that may employ some strategic tactics to enhance its review ratings, implying that the scores are probably exaggerated.

Let’s move on to the conclusion: Is Legit? is legitimate even though it carries chances of certain risks compared to booking directly. How the greatest is not legit, it is owned by one the biggest travel companies based in China,, also known as Trip Group. In addition, the Trip Group also owns Qunar and Skyscanner. 

Since 1999, the Group has been in action to grow its business worldwide. It contains more than 45,000 employees to serve over 400 million customers. These solid figures make it one of the largest travel agencies in the world. 

Is a scam? No, the trusted presence of listed it on NASDAQ. Group will not make it part if is a scam company. After inspecting all the facts, you can easily say that is legit. 

Why is Cheaper has adopted two business models to provide lower prices to its users. These models are effective enough that a user gets a huge discount even the make a profit. 

Agency Model works as a salesperson in an agency model and helps travel services increase their sales on its platform. In return, its gets commission from travel businesses. Practically, features travel services for free on its website. When someone books tickets through, they receive a 10 to 20% commission. passes some commission to the traveller or user to offer cheap rates. 

Merchant Model work on a merchant model to offer cheap rates. According to this model, with the help of purchasing power, buys travel services in bulk at discounted prices and upsells later to travellers. 

Do you still need clarification? Let me help you to understand:

For example, books 30 rooms on its behalf with the discounted bulk price of $90 for each. Later, charges $120 per room, making a $30 profit. The thing is that a user still gets a discount as the actual prices through direct bookings/ other websites are $150. uses a merchant model for airlines, vehicles, and other travel companies. Later on offers very attractive cheap prices to the customer than the market. 

Is reliable for USA Airline Tickets?

Yeah, is reliable for booking domestic flights in the USA. Moreover, You can experience the cheapest flight bookings using in the USA. Although, this is best for China travel bookings.

Is Legit?

According to my experience, is the only online travel website that offers the cheapest airline tickets as compared to others. The prices are cheapest enough that you will think it’s a scam. But believe me, after booking your first flight, and your fear will disappear. 

Is safe for USA Hotels Booking?

Yes, it is completely safe, but there is not much difference between prices and other online travel companies. However, booking with can earn Trip Coins that can be used to get discounts for your future bookings. 

These Trip Coins are worth a 5% discount, which other companies don’t offer. In conclusion, if the price for your selected hotel is the same on and others, choose, as it can get you a bonus with Trip Coins. Moreover, you can apply promo codes that the company generates during different events. 

7 Essential Tips for Safe Booking on

To book safely on, you should know the tips that can reduce the issue related to booking. 

  1. Select a Safe Service: Choose the right travel service through You can go for the best airlines or buses. In the case of hotels, first, check the location. It would be better if the hotel is in an urban area because of people’s presence and basic facilities. 
  2. Research: Thoroughly research your selected travel providers. Check their reviews on different platforms. Please look at the hotel room photos and carefully read about their facilities. 
  3. Read Reviews: Remember, all companies only display their best side. You must read the guest reviews to know about the other side. Consider at least 100+ reviews with a 4 out of 5-star rating in the case of accommodation. For more safety, only check the photos uploaded by guests in reviews.
  4. Be familiar with Policy: Don’t miss to be aware of policies. When you overlook policy while booking, it may cause no cancellations and refunds in the future. Because you’re expecting something else, and the policy differs from your thoughts. To avoid problems, always read cancellations and refund policies before bookings. 
  5. Room Amenities: Remember to check the amenities that you need in your room after check-in. Make sure that everything is on the list you need to avoid issues in the future. 
  6. Double Check Booking Details: One of the big reasons behind’s problems is incorrect detail. As I explained earlier, my friend got into the situation because he did not select the flight’s departure time. So, make sure each detail filled in is correct. Getting help from the group is only possible if you provide the correct details. 
  7. Confirm Booking: Always confirm after making a booking. You can also call the travel service provider once you have booked your airline, hotel, train, etc. This is necessary as it is better to know about any problem than at the last minute.


Is Legit? Do you still have this in your mind? is certainly a legitimate travel booking website. You can experience after using it that it’s one of the best online travel agencies that provide cheaper rates. 

However, if anything goes wrong, you can need help with your bookings. Making changes and cancellations becomes impossible in some cases. Choose If you want very low prices and are willing to take some risk, that can occur only if something goes wrong.

Although it is also possible that you may face issues with direct bookings, the chances become lower as no middleman is involved.

I want to give you useful suggestions to help you book tickets. Don’t book flight tickets through, as they have very strict refund policies. You can try booking hotels only if there is a significant price difference. You can also follow the Tips for bookings shared above. 

Hopefully, you got all the answers to your questions: Is legit? Is reliable? Is a scam? Is cheaper?

Please let me know if you have any other questions or want to share your experiences.

Is a legitimate website for booking travel services?

Yes, is a legitimate and well-established online platform for booking flights, hotels, vacation packages, and other travel-related services.

How can I be sure that is not a scam? is a reputable company that has been operating in the travel industry for years. It is publicly traded and has millions of users worldwide, which adds to its credibility.

Are the prices on genuine or too good to be true?

Trip com offers competitive prices due to partnerships with airlines and hotels. While some deals might seem exceptional, they are often a result of negotiation and volume. Always cross-reference prices and deals with other reputable travel websites.