mail boxes

The post boxes are installed receptacles in public and private places for citizens and tourists deposit their shipments 24 hours a day.


  • Correspondence admitted until 1000 Gr.
  • There are small and large mailboxes.
  • It has a rate shipping specifications, weight, and rate the final destination.


  • Postal service 24 hours a day.
  • Shipments cheap rates
  • Users can ship to local, national and international levels.

Dimensions of mailboxes postales.-

Mailbox Small : 50cm x 40cm x 20cm letterbox Large : 72cm x 40cm x 20cm




Physical section that allows our users to have a unique and specific leased home mailing address, which can receive local, national, international correspondence. Post office boxes are classified as:

– Sections Postcards Domiciliarios

– Sections Postcards Military

– Sections Postcards Air Force

– Sections Postcards Naval Force

– Police PO Boxes

– Sections Postcards for Agencies and Branches

– Paragraphs Post for Franchise


There Sections Great Post and Standard:

Large: 13 cm. wide x 28 cm. high x 32 cm. depth

Standard: 13 cm. wide x 13 cm. high x 25 cm. depth


  • Exclusive access to our user (key).
  • His correspondence remain in the PO until the customer pick it up.
  • ongoing advice to ensure the proper use of post office boxes.
  • Correspondence consolidates our users from any destination (statements, magazines, catalogs, letters, packages, reports, resumes, etc.).
  • It allows total privacy to identify our users with a code as your home address.

Sections rates Postales.-

Standard box: US $ 25, annual oo includes VAT.

Big box: US $ 30, annual oo includes VAT.

Section military and police postcard: US $ 7.84 per year including VAT.

It is important to note that in the case of new hires, the amount payable will be prorated according to the month in which the contract is made.


If the payment is made between the months of January to March, the discount is applied according to the following table:

If the client has not renewed his locker during the first 3 months of the year, in addition to the annual payment shall pay a fine of 10% of the total price of the lease.


apartado-domiciliario 2


Allows citizens to have a specific place for delivering correspondence that incorporates the same numbering assigned a specific, exclusive and for receiving national and international correspondence in the sectors of housing, offices, industry or commerce.


  • Installation is done through municipal ordinance issued by each canton nationwide.
  • Sections Post Domiciliarios be installed in number equal to premises and homes.
  • The doors of each PO Domiciliary carry a numbering assigned by Post of Ecuador CDE EP that will be unique for each PO Domiciliaria.
  • Users will have complete freedom to build or acquire the best Domiciliarios PO Boxes suits their interests, provided they observe safety measures and necessary dimension.


  • Safety receiving correspondence (correspondence will no longer be dumped in your yard or given to others).
  • Correspondence may remain stored in the PO Domiciliary until its owner retires.
  • Creating culture on the use and benefit of the media.


Sections installed nationwide under ordinance issued by each canton, there is now the following cities in operation:

Loja, Quero, Guaranda and implementation: Pasaje, Cotacachi and Archidona.



Envelopes with pictures of tourist attractions issued in coordination with public or private entities each canton or town, which are delivered free of charge to customers of Ecuador Post CDE EP.


  • A3 and A4 envelope size.
  • Full Color Printed envelopes with different designs.
  • Envelopes with plastic inner.


  • Free delivery envelopes for sending documents to local, national and international users of the postal service.
  • Dissemination of the major tourist attractions in each county at local, national and international levels.

Dimensions sobres.-

Envelopes A3: measures 47cm x 30 cm
envelopes A4: measures 37cm x 23 cm

envelopes distributed nationwide to all agencies and branches of Ecuador Post CDE EP




Packing boxes designed to facilitate transportation of shipments safely at local, national and international levels.


  • resistant boxes designed in pressboard.
  • Suitable for shipping products that are exported from our country.


  • cheap rates.
  • Provide the user boxes postal packaging to transport their shipments, which allow their shipments arrive safely to your destination.
  • Available in all agencies and branches of Correos del Ecuador nationwide.

Dimensions of packing boxes postal.-

small box: 25 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm

medium box: 40 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm

Large box: 52cm x 45cm x 70cm


Nationally distributed boxes of all agencies and branches.




Shipping local, national and international level with an economic rate.


  • No priority delivery times.
  • You do not have code for tracking.


very cheap rates.

Coverage and times delivery.-

National 24 provinces.

International: 193 UPU member countries.

máximos.- weights

National: No weight limit (restrictions apply package).

International: Up to 2 Kg

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