Mañana-what does it mean in Ecuador

What is the definition of mañana? (ma-ña-na) From dictionary sources it means in Spanish 1.Tomorrow 2.In the morning 3.used to indicate time in the future. In other words, an indefinite time in the future. Not in the “near” future but future. So next time when someone says mañana, do they really mean mañana mañana, tomorrow morning or whenever they feel […]

Tambo Sabores Peruanos restaurant in Montañita Ecuador

  Tambo Sabores Peruanos restaurant in Montañita Ecuador Janis and I dined at the Peruvian restaurant Tambo located in the small coastal city of Montañita Ecuador. Montañita is known for its great beaches, surfing, nightlife and its many fantastic restaurants. We were recommended to try out some delicious dishes at Tambo, a Peruvian restaurant where the Chef received his training […]

Ecuador driving test in English – Prepared by EcuaAssist

Driving test – Click here for the PDF of the Ecuadorian Driving test in English   Click here for the Ecuadorian Drivers license theoretical test! English / Spanish trial version REMEMBER: THIS THEORETICAL TEST WILL BE PRESENTED ENTIRELY IN SPANISH. These questions can be found in the ANT’s website, they were compiled and translated to be a study guide. The passing […]

We are new to Blogging

So as the saying goes, don’t give up. Keep on trying over and over again until you get it right. If this was the old days, I would have a stack of typewriter paper in my desk trash bin stacked full and over flowing onto the floor.  Well thats how its like for me to write any story as a […]


We found our honey person on the coast. Lisa Gardiner Tomala messaged me on facebook and told me about her husband’s story as a bee keeper. Lisa informed me that the bee keepers name is Wilington and he has lived in Manglaralto, a small town on the coast of Ecuador near Montañita his whole life. He has over 15 years experience […]

Janis and Gary

Janis and I live on the coast of Ecuador. Every month we take off for 1 week to explore Ecuador and South America. We have visited exotic places like Baños, Mindo City, Vilcabamba, and historical Cuenca. Touring through the old city of Quito and the Middle of the World. While traveling, we are documenting and video recording our adventures to […]

Amazing Artist in Montañita

We were in Montañita last night and one of the many artists we really like is Paco. PACO has being doing this type of paintings and carvings for as long as he remembers. His family has been carving wooden masks and other fascinating creative decorations for a living. Now it’s time to showcase his talents and give him the exposure […]