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Sand Dollar Beaches in Ecuador

Treasures of the sea. A sand dollar. Some might value fancy cars, luxurious homes, glamorous clothes and jewelry . But for me it felt like a I just won first prize. We were riding our bikes today on the longest stretch of beach in Ecuador. 14 km of sandy beach stretching from General Villimil Playas all the way to VIA […]

Salinas Naval Academy Providing Community Service

Janis and I have the upmost respect for the men and women in the armed forces in Ecuador and thank them for their service. So, Janis and I made a quick stop on May 24th at the Naval Academy in Salinas to drop off a donation to honor and commemorate the Battle of Pichincha which was May 24th, 1822. This […]

“The most delicious fruit known to men”

So what is this mysterious and highly touted fruit that Mark Twain once said, “The most delicious fruit known to men” Why, the chirimoya of course! When you look at the fruit you just say wtf? Small little green things with bumps all over it. Funny, I have even heard Ecuadorians say when they have hit their head that produces […]

Weekend Quickie in Baños – Always an adventure

Gary and I have been starving for an adventure…even just a weekend get away. Now, 6 months after I broke my kneecap, I knew i was ready to test the waters so to speak, and take the plunge. And where best to go? Baños De Agua Santa of course, it’s the candy store for adventure travelers offering a plethora of […]


The post boxes are installed receptacles in public and private places for citizens and tourists deposit their shipments 24 hours a day. Characteristics.- Correspondence admitted until 1000 Gr. There are small and large mailboxes. It has a rate shipping specifications, weight, and rate the final destination. Benefits.- Postal service 24 hours a day. Shipments cheap rates Users can ship to […]